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#PMWeekendReads – A slection of precision medicine articles.

In this #PMWeekendReads (Precision Medicine Weekend Reads), we present a selection of articles published recently:

1- [Circulation Journal]

Shah et al. published a special report on the opportunities for the cardiovascular community in the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI).
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2- [Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology]

Thomas Seufferlein and Julia Mayerle published “Pancreatic cancer in 2015: Precision medicine in pancreatic cancer — fact or fiction?“, a year review on precision medicine in pancreatic cancer.
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3- [JAMA]

In JAMA, Sciurba et al. published “Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction in COPD – Lessons in Implementing Clinically Based Precision Medicine“, on how to identify meaningful subclasses of disease and groups of patients who may be uniquely responsive to specific interventions.
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4- [Expert Review of Precision Medicine and Drug]

An interesting editorial has been published by GJ Peters entitled “Precision medicine in cancer: beyond wishful thinking?. The author discusses the current limitation of personalized therapy in cancer which is limited to some subtypes.
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5- [Intelligent Information Management]

In the journal of Intelligent Information Management, Estape et al. have published “Translation in Data Mining to Advance Personalized Medicine for Health Equity“. The authors discussed the role of data mining and the analysis of Big Data for the development and evaluation of personalized therapeutic approaches.
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